Publications (please go to Research Gate for copies of papers)

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Research Projects


  • Base-line Study to Identify Types of Gestures in Speakers of English as a Second or Foreign Language at Various Proficiency Levels. Funded by: the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2018).

  • From negation to disagreement: Detection and analysis of multimodal patterns in audiovisual and lab interaction corpora (MultiNeg). Led by Dr. Ines Olza (University of Navarra, Spain).

  • AILA REN on Gestures in second language acquisition. More information: https://www.kiminakatsukasa.net/ren-gesture-multimodality-and-sla

  • Pilot Study to Determine the Interference of L1 Gestures in L2 English Representational Gestures. Funded by: the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2017).

  • A Telecollaborative E-Learning Project on Foreign Language Learning (Co-I). Funded by: HK UGC (2017).

  • Supporting Professional Development, Pedagogy & Language for Curriculum Learning. Funded by : HK UGC (2017).

  • Identifying cognitive load differences in narrating and reflective tasks through gesture -speech analysis. Funded by: the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2017).

  • Corpus Use in Academic Writing by Postgraduate Students: Impact and Implications. Funded by: the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2016).

  • Investigating the use of teachers’ nonverbal communication to enhance their classroom performance. Funded by: the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2016).

  • A contrastive analysis of gestures in Mexican and Spanish speakers of Spanish. Funded by Early Career Fund, University of Huddersfield (2015).

  • PIE15-49: Design of virtual activities in English for the Virtual Campus Funded by: Proyecto de Innovación Educativa para la mejora de la práctica docente, Malaga University, Spain (2015).

  • Academic Writing in English as a Foreign Language (Extended). Funded by: Research Network - International Association of Applied Linguistics (2013 & 2015)

  • PIE13-29: Skype Practicum en Inglés/Español como Lengua Extranjera. Funded by: Proyecto de Innovación Educativa para la mejora de la práctica docente, Malaga University, Spain (2013).





  • Lopez-Ozieblo, R. (2019). Gesturing to indicate time in L2 speakers of English. Presented at the 15th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference. Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan.

  • Lopez-Ozieblo, R. (2019). ¿Marcando secuencias o disfluencias con gestos?: Los gestos con marcadores temporales en el discurso oral de hablantes nativos y no nativos. /Are gestures marking the sequencing of information or the disfluence? Gestures with temporal markers in the oral discourse of native and non-native speakers. International Conference of Pragmatic and Oral Discourse in Disciplinary Studies. /Congreso Internacional ´Estudios Disciplinares de la pragmática y del discurso oral´. Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.

  • Lopez-Ozieblo, R. (2019). Learning from a Corpus of Students’ Academic Writing. 2nd International Conference on Corpus Analysis in Academic Discourse / II Congreso Internacional sobre Análisis de Corpus del Discurso Académico. Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

  • Lopez-Ozieblo, R., Cheung, E., & Johannes, M (2018). Incorporating Knowledge About Language (KAL) in cross-disciplinary student writing workshops: implications for teacher professional development. Presented at International Conference on English Language Education in The Chinese Context, ELECC. The Education University of Hong Kong.

  • Cheung, E.,  Johannes, M & Lopez-Ozieblo, R. (2018) . Comparison of Positioning Strategies in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research Proposals between Humanities and Business: a Functional Linguistic Perspective. Presented at the Fourth International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies.  The Open University of Hong Kong.

  • Lopez-Ozieblo, R. & Chan, B. (2018). Aprendizaje integrado de lenguas y sensibilización social mediante la colaboración a distancia (Integrated learning and developing social acumen through on-line collaboration). Presented at VI Jornadas de Formacion de Profesores de Hong Kong. The University of Hong Kong.

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  • Lopez-Ozieblo, R. Teaching pragmatic meaning through popular literature. The 11th International Symposium on Teaching English at Tertiary Level, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 9-10 December 2016. 

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  • Lopez-Ozieblo, R. Gleaming Foreign Language students’ cognitive processes through gesture. The 7th Free Linguistics Conference. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 27-28 September 2013.



Professional memberships


  • Fellow: Higher Education Academy, UK.

  • Member: Asociación Española de Lingüística Aplicada

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