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Making meaning through multi-semiotic resources.


In this 7th edition of ICOM, it is time to pause, reflect and bring together the developments in multimodality research over the last two decades. ICOM aims to include a range of different areas in its review of multimodality, such as film studies, electronics in education and robotics, architecture, design, the creative industries, animation and any other fields related to communication.
Our objectives are to take stock of what has been done up to now and discover what new ideas are being explored, as well as give current researchers an opportunity to exchange ideas, share knowledge and build new bridges in terms of collaboration. For research students ICOM will present new ideas and the opportunity to learn from the comments of well established scholars.


During the welcoming cocktail to be offered on 11 June, we will also make it as a space for announcing the launching of books in the area of multimodal studies. If you would like to include a recent book to our list, please contact us through the conference email with details of your publication.n. 


For details regarding the Reception and Book Launch, Dinner and other activities please click here (Related Events).



Organising Committee:


Nancy Guo

William Feng

Renia Lopez

Francis Low

Christian Matthiessen

Francisco Veloso

Kaela Zhang


For enquiries contact



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International Conference

on Multimodality

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